Thapa Coffee

origin Himalayan Organic Arabica Bourbon Coffee

Thapa Coffee

We believes that good coffee has the power to bring people together. That's why we got our website all set up and going to venture out to meet the likeliness. We are ready to work with coffee traders, distributors, retailers from all around the world.

Our Green Coffee Beans are grown on the higher altitude of Milche, one of the highland that make up Nepal and are considered one of the world's finest coffees. Roast them to your tastes.

Darker Roasted Coffee Beans possess the characteristically sharp, winey acidity typical of Himalayan Arabica coffees. This blend is medium to full body and fairly rich in flavor.

Nepal produces less than one percent of the world's coffee, and most of it is drunk by the Nepalese themselves. Our Lighter Roasted Coffee Beans are a medium bodied coffee with a sweetly pleasant flavor.

Blend Roasted Coffee Beans give you that strong Himalayan flavor with that rich and smooth Nepalese Roast to balance it out. This makes for a sleek and strong pot of coffee.

Great coffee with no compromises

We hold our coffee beans to the highest standards from the shrub to the cup. That’s why we’re meticulous and transparent about each step of the coffee’s journey. We personally visit each farm to make sure the conditions are optimal for the plants, farmers and the local environment.

A close-up of a paper filter filled with ground coffee
A green cup of a coffee on a wooden table
Coffee beans

“I'm a reseller of Thapa coffee beans in Malaysia. The first time I tried Thapa's coffee, I couldn’t even believe that was the same thing I’ve been drinking every morning. My customers too love it so much.”

Francis Tan

“Thapa cofee farm is the place to go if you want to learn and buy the best quality coffee. I love their stance on empowering farmers and transparency.”

Manab Kc

Business Partnership

Are you interested in importing our products into your country of operations? Have you found that there is a huge demand for organic coffee in your local market? If the answer to these question is a resounding "yes!", then you might want to consider Thapa Coffee for fulfilling your marketing needs.


from $750

We would be happy to help stock your shelves with our products.

  • MOQ from 100kg

  • 4 varieties of coffee beans

  • FOB/CFR Door-to-Door shipping


from $2500

With our products, you can now offer your clients a new alternative selection of coffee.

  • MOQ from 300kg

  • 4 varieties of coffee beans

  • FOB/CFR Door-to-Door shipping

Private Label

from $1250

We can pack under your own label, you can outsourcing the production to us.

  • MOQ of 150kg per variety

  • Label and packaging supplies

  • FOB/CFR Door-to-Door shipping

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