Dark Roasted Coffee Beans

Mon, Sep 17, 2018

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Dark roasted coffee beans have a hallmark aroma familiar to most, of a varying intensity dependent on the specific coffee roasted and the degree of darkness. It can often be smokey, carbonic or even tarry if roasting continues for long lengths of time.

Dark Roasted Coffee Beans


Benefits to darker roasts tend to be in the level of body found within them, along with their perceived strength and the high quantity of ‘roasted’ flavours. If a coffee drinker prefers their coffee to simply be a real kick, without much attention to the intrinsic flavours of coffee, a dark roasted coffee can easily suit that purpose. In terms of virtues, darker roasted coffees can often be used in lower quantities compared to other roast degrees given the relative strength of dark roast flavours when they are developed.

The quality of our dark roasted coffee

What we do know for sure is that it is not as easy to accurately gauge the taste profile of an origin through sipping on darkly roasted examples of its coffee. Dark roast flavours cloud the flavours that the coffee takes form its growing region, those that we would be able to discern at lighter roast degrees. For this reason, despite it being common to find all sorts of countries of origin in the darkly roasted coffee market, we’d advise not to pass judgement on an origin’s typical flavour profiles by tasting darkly roasted variants of an origin’s produce. It would lead to many false conclusions about the quality of coffee from the producing country, as well as the specific groups of flavour that can be found within that country’s different regions, at different altitudes, through its different processing methods, and more.

What dark roasts mean to us

Certainly for us at Thapa we take a preference for higher levels of complexity and more delicate flavours, those that would easily be lost or at the very least masked in dark roasts. Our highly prized, specialty grade coffee beans warrant careful and attentive use to avoid diminishing their inherent virtues of flavour. It also warrants transparency of our commercial practices, which seek both quality and ethics, in a way that we’re immensely proud of.

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