The Beginning

of Thapa's coffee business story

Away from the crowded Kathmandu, there's a village hidden within the mountains - Milche is a village development committee in Kabhrepalanchok District in the Bagmati Zone of central Nepal. At the time of the 1991 Nepal census it had a population of 2073 in 348 individual households.

The hidden gem in Nepal

Few years ago, our family went to trekking in the moutains and discovered the sachuary, this is a place almost disconnect from the busy world. Every livestocks and plantations here are grown by the villagers themselves. Despite it's totally cutting off from the modern world, the village rely on solar power to generare electricity, they drinks the water from the moutains and the coffee farms are naturally showered by rains. From growing the coffee tree to collecting the seeds are done without the use of machine - the processes are all handle by hand, with the help of everyone in the village.

The homeless woman

We met a woman whose home has been destroyed during the 2015 Nepal earthquake, and the devastated incident also took her family away. When we met her, she was ill and the villagers intended to help but facing with the hospital demanding $5000 medical bills - that's a serious burden to them. We decided that we want to help, it tooks us couple of weeks raising funds from our relatives and friends and revisit the village. Eventually we managed to send her to hospital - she was carried by some men walking 5 hours from moutains to moutains to get to the hospital. She made it out after a month and has been fully rcovered since then. To thank us she offered her land, a huge land on the moutain and our father has always been so ambitious to have grown a coffee farm. They spoke and it took some times before our coffee farm came alive. It has been some years now and the whole village is now slowly converting their farm to organic coffee farm.

Shade-grown coffee

Our vision is simple - to shares the community’s vision to grow better quality coffee while protecting the delicate environment of Milche in which where the villagers live.